Awards Committee

Common Purpose:

    1. Promote consulting engineers & their excellence of services to the general public and society at large, through
      • Organizing Annual Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner
      • Recognizing individual consulting engineers for the annual Life Time Achievement Award, Engineering Action Award and the Rising Star Award
    2. Enhance relationship between consulting engineering firms and client base, through partnership as sponsors to the annual ACEC-MB Awards event
    3. Enhance ACEC-MB member firms relationship with suppliers and contractors through their support in the Awards event
    4. Enhance ACEC-MB relationship with Government decision-makers, APEGM, Faculties of Engineering and Science of the Universities of Manitoba
    5. Cultivate relationship with other industries/disciplines e.g. insurance, architecture, construction and government organizations, etc.
    6. Create profile of event in local news media

Buildings & Institutional Committee

Common Purpose:

The mandate of the Buildings Committee is to promote the business interests of the building engineering industry to the various Authorities Having Jurisdiction including the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner, Municipal Permit Offices and other government regulators and enforcement agencies, by working with the AHJs to modify and create policies for a favourable business climate in which the engineering industry can help Manitoba grow and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

With respect to the Institutional Sector; the mandate is to advance ACEC-MB’s objectives within the Institutional Sectors by promoting the use of consultants within the institution’s operations and enhancing business relations through more transparent and efficient business practices.

Energy, Science and Technology Committee

Common Purpose:

The adoption of the name “Energy, Science and Technology” is intended to link this Committee to the responsibilities of the Provincial Government Ministry of Innovation Energy and Mines.

As determined by the ACEC-MB board, there is one area of the Ministry of Innovation Energy and Mines (MIEM) that does not fall under the EST Committee’s mandate, namely the biotechnology sector which includes biomedical devices, nutraceuticals, agri-bioproducts and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This market sector comes under the scope of the Private Sector Committee.


The EST committee vision is aligned with the vision of the ACEC-MB board including:
a)    Public Awareness
b)    Government Recognition
c)    Strengthen/Increase Membership
d)    Collective Voice for Consulting Engineering Firms
e)    Strengthen Relationships with other organizations
f)    Promote Qualifications-based Selection

Of the visions/goals listed above b), d) and f) are most relevant to the activities undertaken within the EST committee.

Mandate and Objectives

The EST Committee Mandate:
a)    Improve the image of Consulting Engineers in Manitoba
b)    Create business opportunities for Consulting Engineers through promotion of ACEC-MB member firms in the market sectors listed below
c)    Track technological advancements and potential market opportunities
d)    Promote the expertise and utilization of ACEC-MB member firms in these opportunities

This mandate will be implemented in a manner consistent with guidance provided by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba.

The primary promotional activity organized by the committee is the annual Energy Reception for Manitoba Hydro and other energy related industries, such as oil and gas and sustainable technologies. Other presentations related to the committee’s mandate are organized throughout the year, to which other interested parties are invited.

The market sectors identified to date that fall within the mandate of the EST Committee are:

A.    Manitoba Hydro
Manitoba Hydro is a significant client for a large number of ACEC-MB’s member firms, with services in all categories, and it continues to exist as a singular sector within the mandate of the EST Committee. In the past, the importance of Manitoba Hydro to the consulting industry was recognized by the annual reception with Manitoba Hydro which was organized and carried out by the EST Committee, with the assistance of the Executive Director and the Board. This event has now been expanded into the Energy Reception in order to be inclusive of other players in the energy sector, including oil and gas and sustainable technologies.

B.    Oil and Gas
Significant and recent exploration and development of oil resources in Manitoba’s south west are of interest to this committee. Despite recent growth in this sector, opportunities for local consulting firms have not been developed.  Target clients and associations need to be identified in this sector.

C.    Mining
Numerous corporate clients are represented in this sector. The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, The Mining Association of Manitoba, The Canadian Institute of Mining (Winnipeg Branch)  and The Geological Survey Group of Manitoba are associations that present liaison opportunities. The mining area clearly requires relationship development, as little has been done to date between ACEC-MB and any of the target entities in this area. One venue for potential business opportunities is the Mining and Mineral Convention, held annually in Winnipeg each November.

D.    Sustainable Technologies
The following areas present potential areas of interest for the committee:
•    Ethanol and bio-diesel fuel (production).
•    Hydrogen as the ultimate fuel of the future.
•    Wind energy
•    Bio-mass
•    Landfill gas
•    Solar Power
•    Demand Side Management / Energy Conservation

Additional research into all of these market sector opportunities is required.

E.    Communications & Information Technology
This sector includes information technology (computer systems, local area networks, building cabling systems and software), telecommunications, and the broadcasting sector.  Organizations in Manitoba that are associated with this sector include the IT Association of Manitoba (ITAM) and the Telecommunication Users of Manitoba Inc. (TUMI). Although this area is currently inactive as far as EST Committee focus, several ACEC-MB member firms address the telecommunications and broadcasting sector, while a number of ACEC-MB members may have an interest in information technology.

First Nations Committee

Common Purpose:

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Manitoba (ACEC-MB) recognizes the significance and importance of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) as well as other government agencies in the process where our members provide services to First Nations. ACEC-Manitoba wishes to explore with AANDC and AMC (Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs) ways in which our member firms can better provide services to the First Nations in Manitoba.


ACEC-Manitoba wishes to explore procedures currently practiced by AANDC and First Nations, to enhance fairness in the proposal and tendering systems and to better understand and define methods our member firms can provide services to these stakeholders.

Golf Committee

Common Purpose:

To provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for ACEC-MB members and their clients by organizing an annual golf tournament.

Government Affairs Committee

Common Purpose:

The purpose of this committee is to promote the business interests of the engineering industry to the Manitoba Legislature, City of Winnipeg Council and other Municipal Elected Officials, by seeking the passage of legislation, regulations and policies that create a favorable business climate in which the engineering industry can help Manitoba grow and improve the quality of life for its citizens.


1.    Monitor current legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting the business of engineering firms.
2.    Communicate positions and actions to the board of directors and the membership of ACEC-MB.
3.    Assist in guiding the ACEC-MB President and advocacy efforts of the Association.
4.    Help to build strong relationships with provincial and municipal elected officials which are critical to the success of member firms.
5.    Develop and maintain a government advocacy section on the ACEC Manitoba website.
6.    Develop position papers that are related to the business interests of the ACEC Manitoba

The Government Affairs Committee also has three sub-committees: Qualifications Based Selection (QBS), Limitations of Actions and Trade Agreements.

The committee and sub-committees will continue to engage Past Presidents to assist with advise, expertise and opinions as well as providing history and continuity on advocacy issues.

Image Committee

Common Purpose:

The Image Committee is charged with increasing the profile and enhancing the image of the business of Consulting Engineering as a key consulting profession that is integral to the prosperity and high quality of life enjoyed in Manitoba.

Primary goals:

      • Increasing awareness and interest in university, technical college, and high school students for the possibility of a career in the consulting engineering field.
      • Improving the image of the consulting engineering industry to the general public and demonstrating the importance and value provided by consulting engineers in society.
      • Advocacy and promotion of our industry.

Professional Development Committee – (Ad Hoc)

Common Purpose:

To provide member firms and their employees with relevant and valuable opportunities to undertake professional development to fulfill personal needs and licensing requirements for professional development in our Province. Course offerings to be based on demonstrated need of the membership and evaluation of existing opportunities locally available.

Conclusion of Ad Hoc Committee:

Professional Development  committee would function on as required basis, as directed by the Board.  Therefore would remain active only when requested to pursue a specific Professional Development topic and session.

Transportation Committee

Common Purpose:

To promote the expertise and professional services of Manitoba engineering firms to assist with transportation services and infrastructure.

TWICE Committee

Common Purpose:

To keep our professions relevant to the society which we serve – so it concerns all members, male and female.

Key Goals:

      • To increase retention of all technical women in consulting engineering.
      • To develop best practices and report on outcomes to our association.
      • To provide opportunities for mentoring and peer support for our organization.

Water and Environment Committee

Common Purpose:

The Water & Environment committee acts on behalf of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Manitoba to:

      • Promote relations between member firms
      • Promote relations with member clients
      • Foster exchange of experience and information among member firms
      • Promote ACEC-MB organization to clients
      • Respond to problems and issues that affect our industry

Target Group / Client Groups:

      • Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, Water Control Branch
      • City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department
      • Manitoba Water Services Board (MWSB)
      • Cities (Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Thompson, etc.)
      • Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
      • Manitoba Aboriginal & Northern Affairs (MANA)
      • Conservation Districts
      • PFRA / Agriculture
      • Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM)

Young Professionals Committee

Common Purpose:

To enhance the growth and advancement of the consulting engineering industry by supporting the development of Young Professionals.

Key Goals:

      • Provide Young Professionals with a greater understanding of the consulting engineering business and ACEC Manitoba’s role in it.
      • Provide Young Professionals with networking opportunities and venues to further develop their skills.
      • Advocate on behalf of Young Professionals to promote their interests within the consulting engineering industry.
      • Provide Young Professionals with opportunities to actively contribute to the consulting engineering industry and ACEC Manitoba.
      • Facilitate the progression from post-secondary education to involvement in the consulting engineering industry and ACEC Manitoba.
      • Communicate and coordinate with other organizations to exchange ideas and find mutually beneficial opportunities.

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