ACEC-MB Committees are led by dedicated member firm volunteers with support from the Board of Directors and Executive Director.  Committees represent our membership and contribute to the achievements of the Association and advantages offered our Member Firms.

There are volunteer opportunities for all ACEC-MB member companies and their employees.  Our committee’s collaborate with members, industry clients, partner organizations, government and other associations to advance the business of consulting engineering in Manitoba. 

If you would like to join an ACEC-MB Committee please contact Kerri Hiebert at  

Awards Committee

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to promote consulting engineers & their exceptional product and services, locally, national and internationally.  The Awards Committee plans and executes the annual Manitoba Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner and Project Showcase.  

Buildings & Institutional Committee

The mandate of the Building and Institutional Committee is to promote the business interests of the building engineering industry and help create policies for the benefit of our member firms.  The committee also works to promote the use of consultants within the Institutional Sectors to enhance business relations through transparent and efficient business practices.   

Contracts Committee

The Contracts Committee supports members firms on issues arising with contract language and uninsurable clauses.  The Committee will research and seek guidance from outside sources to work with public and private clients to encourage contract language that protects and benefits our membership. 

Energy, Science and Technology Committee (EST)

The EST Committees mandate is to help create business opportunities and promote the expertise of ACEC-MB member firms in the Energy, Science and Technology Sectors including: Manitoba Hydro, Oil and Gas, Mining, Sustainable Technologies and Communication and Information Technology.  

Future Leaders Committee (FLC)

The mandate of the FLC is to enhance the growth and advancement of the consulting engineering industry by supporting the development of Young Professionals.  The committee plans and executes a variety of events to educate and provide networking opportunities.  The events are open to all members to attend.

2023 – 2024 Future Leaders Mentorship Program

Engineering is a very diverse profession. As a student, your career decisions leading up to and after graduation will have a significant impact on the pace of your professional growth and variety of engineering experience you gain.

Consulting engineering is a major component of the engineering industry in Manitoba. The consulting engineering firms are engaged in providing engineering services to not only clients in Manitoba but across Canada and worldwide. As part of a vibrant, rapidly growing and proactive industry, consulting engineering companies attract the best and brightest engineering graduates. If you think that could be you, then we encourage you to explore your options in consulting engineering.

The ACEC-MB mentorship program pairs University of Manitoba engineering students with consulting engineering industry professionals, giving students an opportunity to better understand the consulting industry. For mentors, it is a great opportunity to give back, gain volunteer (or continuing development) hours, and have an impact on a future engineer’s career.

Registrations are currently open for the 2023-2024 Mentorship Program. Please refer to the registration links below for Mentors & Students. For additional information please contact us at

Mentors: The program is open to any employee of an ACEC-MB member firm, regardless of background or discipline. All mentor applications must be received by Friday, October 6, 2023. Mentors Register Here

Students: The program is open to any University of Manitoba Engineering student, regardless of background or discipline. All student applications must be received by Friday, October 6 2023. Students Register Here

Mentoring Policy Statement and Commitment Agreement

Golf Committee

The Golf Committee plans and executes an annual Golf Tournament attended by members and their clients.

Government Affairs Committee

The purpose of this committee is to promote the business interests of the engineering industry to the Manitoba Legislature, City of Winnipeg Council and other Municipal Elected Officials, by seeking the passage of legislation, regulations and policies that create a favorable business climate in which the engineering industry can help Manitoba grow and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Image Committee

The Image Committees purpose is to increasing the profile of and enhance the positive image of the business of Consulting Engineering in Manitoba to the general public and clients.  The committee also works with a Publisher to produce the Annual Manitoba Consulting Engineer magazine. 

Professional Development Committee (PD)

The purpose of the PD Committee is to provide member firms and their employees with relevant and valuable opportunities to undertake professional development to fulfill personal needs and licensing requirements for professional development in Manitoba. 

Transportation Committee

To promote the expertise and professional services of Manitoba engineering firms to assist with transportation services and infrastructure.

Technical Women in Consulting Engineering Committee (TWICE)

The mandate of the TWICE Committee is to increase retention of all technical women in consulting engineering, to provide mentoring and peer support and advise on research trends that influence women in consulting engineering.  The committee plans and executes a variety of events to educate and provide networking opportunities.  The events are open to all members to attend.  Visit the TWICE Committee LinkedIn page here:

Water and Environment Committee

The Water & Environment committee meets with client groups such as: Manitoba Infrastructure Water Control Branch, Manitoba Water Services Board, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, Manitoba Association of Watersheds, City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department, Association of Manitoba Municipalities and others to promote the services of our member firms, to foster the exchange of information and experience between our member firms, and to respond to any issues that affect the industry. 

We are the voice of Consulting Engineering companies in Manitoba, representing over 1600 members.